Welcome to Sooke Martial Arts Association

About Sooke Martial Arts Association

Sooke Martial Arts Association, is a team of Sensei's working together to give something back to the community of Sooke. Each Sensei brings something unique to our team of instructors, with varying years of experience and skills, with an emphasis on Kata's, Weapons, and Sparring techniques. The greatest strength of our dynamic team, is our ability to embrace our diversity.


We are a Family oriented, community based group. We focus on providing a traditional Shotokan style to all our students, in a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere. 

We provide an experience that allows the whole family to participate, for our students to develop and learn new skills, while also putting an emphasizes on connecting and helping one another as a team. 

Respect, Patience and Focus are key with mastering this discipline and style of Karate. 

Come Meet our dynamic and diverse team, we'll help to answer any questions you may have. Check out our News Updates and Calendar Schedules for class date and times.



Covid-19 Protocols

As part of our covid-19 protocols, we arestill commited to ensuring our students and Volunteer limiting spectators of students to the last Thursday of every month. We are also requiring all students and spectators over age 18 to be fully vaccinated, with proof.