Our Team

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Sensei Don

Sensei Don has been with Sooke Martial Arts for 30 years. He joined in 1989, received his First Degree Black Belt( Shodan) in 1997, his 2nd Degree Black Belt(Nidan) in 1999, and his 3rd Degree Black Belt(Sandan) in 2015. He frequently volunteers his time teaching basic karate skills for P.E. Classes at Sooke Elementary School, as he has a specialty with teaching our Jr. Classes. As a long standing member of the Sooke Community and of Sooke Martial Arts Association, Sensei Don brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with him that helps keep Sooke Martial Arts grounded in our Family-Oriented and Sooke Community Roots. 

Sensei Levi

Since receiving his First Degree Black Belt (Shodan) in 2013, Sensei Levi has consistently given back to Sooke Martial Arts Association through his teaching and instruction, with a specialty focus in our Sr. Class.

Sensei Levi was awarded one of our SMAA school bursaries to help him further his studies and career, and is one of many students to Stay and give back to the club by mentoring our younger and up and coming students.

Sensei Nicky

Sensei Nicky has been a part of Sooke Martial Arts Association for over 20 years. An active member of the community, She brings knowledge and experience to Sooke Martial Arts that allows us to thrive and give back to this Community. Sensei Nicky joined Sooke Martial Arts with her family in 1997. She received her First Degree Black Belt (Shodan) in 2004, and her Second Degree Black Belt(Nidan) in 2007. Through Sooke events and her position at Sooke Family Resource Centre, Sensei Nicky continues to keep Sooke Martial Arts focused on Families, and grounded to the family atmosphere that the Sooke Community provides with Membership donations, student grants, and affordable family rates. 

Sensei Reece

Joining Sooke Martial Arts in 2011, at the age of 10, Sensei Reece quickly developed his skills and received his First Degree Black Belt (Shodan) in 2018. Sensei Reece has continued to refine his skills by exploring other MMA styles. He is a consistent, and familiar face in our Jr. Classes.

By bringing his unique style, influence and abundance of energy to all our classes, Sensei Reece is a definite asset to Sooke Martial Arts and the students he teaches.

Sensei Trina

Sensei Trina joined Sooke Martial Arts in 2004 to incorporate family based activities into her busy family life. She received her First Degree Black Belt (Shodan) in 2011, she received her Second Degree Black Belt (Nidan) in 2015.
With her experience in family organization and participation, Sensei Trina continues to help other families spend time working together in our Jr. and Sr. Classes.

Sensei Aimee

Sensei Aimee has been a part of the club since she first joined at 5 years old. She received her Jr. Black Belt at age 17, and her full Black Belt at 18 years old. She took an hiatus from the club when she moved to Alberta but continued to keep up her martial art skills. Since rejoining the club in 2018, Sensei Aimee has provided support with her experience and techniques especially towards the jr. classes, with a focus on Kata.